Bamboo Bowl & Spoon Set


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About the product:

Feeding time can be aesthetically pleasing, even with a baby… well, at least the dish ware can be pleasing ūüėČ Our marble silicone bowl & spoon set is hence a perfect holiday present for a little ones as they explore foods.

The top of the spoon as well as the suction base are both made from 100% food grade silicone, which Рas all scandi bae products Рmakes them 100% BPA, PVC, phthalate & toxin-free.

The strong suction base of the silicone bowl makes it stick to a table & hence prevents spilling… it thus¬†makes it easy for the child to eat on his/her own. The silicone base can be removed and the bowls and plates can be used without them, at home or on the go.

The rest of the spoon as well as the bowl are made of eco-friendly, all natural bamboo wood. Bamboo is a fast growing plant that does not require pesticides or manure while it is naturally antibacterial and sucks up to a minimum of liquid. This makes the bowl more hygienic compared to other wood materials.

The full set is freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe Рoptimizing its use and allowing for high temperature sterilization.

The bowl can hold roughly 250 ml of volume and measures roughly 6,5 cm x 11 cm (on the top; the bottom is slightly narrower with roughly 9cm). The spoon is roughly 3,5 cm x 14 cm in size.


Safety and heath  warnings:

  • Wash products¬†before first use.
  • Always use this product with adult supervision.
  • Always check food temperature before feeding.
  • Always stir heated food to ensure even heat distribution.
  • Always wash the product immediately after use.
  • The buyer assumes all responsibility.