The “Emelie” pacifier clip


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The “Emelie” pacifier clip:

We bet every parent knows this situation: You’re in the middle of a messy environment & your baby drops their pacifier and starts screaming. No where near you is any water or other hygienic way for you to clean the pacifier… so you are left to be the cleaner yourself…

Pacifier clips are a great product to make sure the pacifier stays attached to a baby (‘s clothes) at all times & are hence a wonderful gift to a new parent.

Our pacifier clip uses a solid untreated beech wood clip. Equally, all other wooden elements are made of all natural beech wood, which is known to be a very hard wood to not chip. All our silicone beads are free of BPA, phthalates, cadmium and lead, creating a safe chewing experience for the little ones.

The “Emelie” pacifier clip comes in a peach / grey / beige color scheme & is packed in an eco-friendly, all-cotton drawstring bag, that makes for a perfect gift for you or your new mom friend.

About scandi bae products

It is our highest priority to deliver safe products for you and your little ones! We therefore hand selected our suppliers and safety test each product before shipping it to our customers.

Our beads are made of silicone free of BPA, phthalates, cadmium and lead. In addition, we have chosen high quality beech wood rings and beads that are all-natural, 100% eco friendly, and untreated. They are hence free from BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, latex, and cadmium.

scandi bae attempts to reduce waste by not using any unnecessary packaging, such as plastic bags or cardboard packaging. Our small products are packed in in an eco-friendly, all-cotton drawstring bag, while bigger items (e.g. textiles) are placed directly into (aesthetically appealing) mailing boxes. We hope our customers support our desire to reduce waste.

Our products are assembled and tested in a pet free & smoke free home in Stockholm, Sweden, and are compliant with current CE regulations. In fact, we have decided to follow even stricter guidelines internally by shortening the length of our pacifier clips beyond the requirements of the CE regulations to lower risks to our customers.

We test each product ourselves before shipping, but the buyer assumes all responsibility and we hence do recommend the following cautionary actions as you use the products.

Safety instructions:

  • Ensure adult supervision at all times. Small parts can be hazardous. Never leave child unintended with any product.
  • Beads are wiped down before shipping, but we recommend a quick wipe down (e.g. with water or baby wipes) before allowing your baby to chew on them.
  • Regularly inspect the product for any damage. If you do observe any damage, do not continue to use the product.
  • If the products has a clip, ensure the clip of the pacifier clip is tightened when in use, as the metal of the clip is very sturdy and can hence lead to injuries.
  • Do not let your baby use the pacifier clips while asleep or without a pacifier or teether tied to the loop of the pacifier clip. Also, remove any other product (e.g. teething rings and rattles) from the baby as it falls asleep.
  • As the name suggest, our “mom necklaces” should be worn by adults only (as the length of the necklace can lead to a strangulation risk).
  • All products come pre-washed but please still wipe them off (wet cloth with soap or wipes are ok to be applied) before the first use. Do not submerge in water.
  • The buyer assumes all responsibility.

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Dimensions 24 cm